Monday, December 6, 2010

Congratulations to all of our 2010 Winners!

Thanks to everyone who shared their bucks with us. Susie and I judged these not as a big buck contest but on three different criteria: good clean and well thought out pictures. We say a picture isworth as much as a big buck with a run of the mill picture. An interestingwell written story composed by the person who took the buck. And lastlybut least important a nice buck. Sure big bucks our nice but how you gotyour buck and how you tell about it and the picture are equallysignificant. We salute all who entered and congratulate our winners!

First off Runner Ups. These three were in the running to the final cut andwere all nosed out by a hair.#20 Cindy Asher, #8 Bill Cortez, and # 3 Jeff Juhl.

Now for the winners:

Most Inspiring: -Tie- #7, Anna Gooden and #17, James Taylor
Best Female Youth: #15 Jozlynne Albert
Best Male Youth: # 29 Donnie Burke
Best Male Hunter: #10 CJ Jeffers
Best Female Hunter: # 9 Sarah Vroman
Best Overall: #25, Micah Wood

Again congratulations to all. Susie and I look forward to next year.God bless: Rob & Susie Trott, Great Lakes Outdoors Television

#25 Micah Wood - Best Overall - Grand Prize Winner

Where did you take the buck? (City/State)

Buck Stats (Points/Features)
8 pt. 17" inside spread, 8" G2, 156lbs dressed

The Story: After not seeing anything the night before, we decided to go the the other end of the field and sit next to a corn field. We saw lots of doe in the hay field and then we saw a coyote. The coyote was looking for mice in the field of raked hay.

Then, from the left of us came a nice 8 pt. I was getting ready to shoot it. As I lean forward and turned to get ready for the shot, my dad got my attention to look left again and see this nice buck. It came out at 50 yards, and stared at the coyote in the field broad side to us. My brother and dad were watching with their binoculars as I shot the buck. It ran about 50 yards and died and I said, "Thank you, Lord!"

I shot this buck during the youth hunt and I was 13 at the time. I turned 14 this month.

#9 Sarah Vroman - Best Female Hunter

Where did you take the buck? (City/State)
Kingston, MI

Buck Stats (Points/Features)
8pt 17 1/2 in inside spread 160yd shot 184lbs

The Story: I'm 20 yrs old, I've been hunting since I was 14. I have had several successful hunts, but this by far is the biggest one I have shot. It was opening night and I took this one just after 5pm. I saw this buck earlier in the evening chasing a doe just over a knoll, but he never gave me a shot. I waited patiently and sure enough he came out of the woods 160 yds away. There was no chance he was getting by me again. So I pulled up my muzzleloader and pulled the trigger. After I shot I waited for my dad to help me track my deer. We found him about 60 yds from where I shot him. I was so excited all I could say was he is huge.

#10 CJ Jeffers - Best Male Hunter

Where did you take the buck? (City/State)
Stockbridge, MI

Buck Stats (Points/Features)
12 pts, 17 1/4" spread

The Story: Here is how my hunting begins! I asked the good Lord to please let me see a deer this morning!. If I see one, please let him come into range. If he comes into range, please let me shoot straight and true. I was sitting there, thinking, "there isn't anything moving, no other shots being fired, they aren't moving." A little voice in my head said, "Go home dummy, you got to get some sleep before work tonight!" As I was packing my gear, I saw them running into my field! Heading away from me! Then the doe that the two bucks were chasing, turned and headed toward me, at an angle! I got the doe in my scope, backed it off to the first buck chasing her. Led him in my scope and Boom!! 90 meters at a full run! One shot, he dropped in his tracks! I racked another round into my gun, got a bead on the second, even bigger buck, led him, but he entered the woods so I wasn't able to get him! No clue how much he weighs as I can't get him lifted on the scale by myself.

The Lord was good to me by granting me the means and ability to receive my trophy and meat for my family! Take care and God Bless you all! :) CJ

#29 Donnie Burke - Best Male Youth

Where did you take the buck? (City/State)
Garden, Michigan

Buck Stats (Points/Features)
8 Point

The Story: Where we live, we don't really see a whole lot of deer. So we decided to go to visit my grandpa over Thanksgiving and hunt while we were there. I had only seen a couple doe the first few days. On our last day there, I had a doe in and he had come from the same direction she had, following her. He came in broadside at 35 yards out, and I shot him. He ran and died after about 50 feet. Not bad for my first deer and a 20 guage shot gun with buck shot.

#15 Jozlynne Albert - Best Female Youth

Where did you take the buck? (City/State)
Barbeau, MI

Buck Stats (Points/Features)

The Story: I'm 16 and this was my first year really hunting. On Oct. 28th in walks this 3 point...I've only been watching him for days, and vowed the next time I saw him I'd try to shoot him. So you can only imagine my excitement!! Out came my bow..heart pouding..arms shaking..y'know how that goes! well the buck made a mistake and turned perfectly broadside; I aimed, took the shot, and the rest is history! :D Hallelujah!!

#7 Anna Gooden - TIE - Most Inspiring

Where did you take the buck? (City/State)
Manton, Michigan

Buck Stats (Points/Features)
7 Point

The Story: I come from a long line of outdoor enthusiasts. Four years ago, at 27, I decided to finally take my hunter's safety course. My Dad encouraged me every step of the way. The past four years have yielded two children for my husband and I, but no deer! It has been hard to find time to hunt being a busy Mom and wife. This year, I was determined to get a buck! My Dad and I went out in the afternoon on opening day. We had not seen anything in the morning, or in the afternoon for that matter. It was nearly dark and my dad said, "Let's give it five more minutes." We both turned our attention to a field where a dark shadow was visible, and moving cautiously. My Dad got his scope on it first and said, "It's a buck. Do you have your scope on it?" I was so excited, I fumbled at first. "No, I don't have it, " I said. "Wait, I've got it." I released the safety on my 6mm and slowly pulled the trigger. My ears rang from the shot. On the field, approximately 60 yards away, lay my first deer -- a 7 point buck! Thankfully, it was an immediate kill shot and we didn't have to track it. I am so thankful I was able to share that moment with my Dad.